Orspace has a strong background in developing software systems and integrating them with IOT edge devices.

We offer Mobile app development services on iOS and Android operating systems. Using their native libraries, we can produce applications that have full access to the hardware on today’s powerful smartphones and portable embedded systems like POS systems

Our team also offers Linux setup and server administration services on the major distro flavors (Debian and Red hat). From using cloud infrastructure providers like Azure, AWS, Linode, Alibaba cloud, to setting up clients own on-premises application and data servers, Orspace is on hand to properly configure, optimize and manage your system.

Some of the skills of our software developers and programmers include:

  • Relational database management using SQL. Database engines include MySQL, SQL Server, Maria DB and Oracle
  • Dynamic website applications development using publicly maintained open source tools like PHP and ASP.NET core
  • System demeans and services using C#
  • Desktop applications on windows using WinForms and WPF
  • Android and iOS mobile app development