What we do

Product Design

We have experience in the use of simple microcontrollers right up to full blown ARM and x86 System-On-Chips (SOC’s) running Real time operating systems (FreeRTOS) and embedded Linux


Be it concept development, systems integration or new deployments, our engineers offer the most current insights on current trends and technologies to assist you in meeting your project goals and budget

Software Development

We offer Mobile app development services on iOS and Android operating systems. Using native libraries, we develop applications that have full access to the hardware on today’s powerful smartphones and portable embedded systems like POS devices

Instrumentation and Process Automation

With our product development expertise, we work with SME’s to add efficiency and high turnover by adding a level of automation to their already manual manufacturing processes. From liquid handling, process heat management, flow control right up to product packaging, OrSpace has a solution that fits our client’s needs and budget


We offer introductroy and refresher training courses in embedded systems to engineering graduates and practicing engineers


What we build!

Effective Level Monitoring solutions for diverse use cases

Can be used with different liquids with varying properties like water, sludge, petroleum products, chemicals etc.

  • Our data acquisition units encompass high resolution ADC's for higher accuracy measurements
  • Different sensing technologies available depending on application, accuracy etc
  • Measured Data can be transmitted via wifi, GSM/GPRS, LAN to our proprietry cloud based solution and presented through a web application. We also offer connectivity locally through bluetooth.

Please contact us for a customized solution for your perculiar needs.

Electromechanical advertisement unit that can be used to display multiple static images per board

The motivation for this product is to maximize the utilization of space as well as reduce the total cost of outdoor advertisement for clients through unit sharing.

  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Up to 6 different ads per board
  • Back lighting for use at night
  • Customizable sizes on request

Our smart digital box (SDB) is an industrial grade single Board computer which runs customized firmware developed by Orspace Engineers.

This device has USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, 2 HDMI outputs, Wireless radios (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi), gigabit Ethernet, a camera port and an audio port.

It also features a rich set of embedded peripherals like UARTS (RS-232 and RS-485), SPI, I2C, General digital IO pins etc.

Aside from driving LCD dispays, this device allows for a rich interactive experience with your audience through input mechanisms like touch screens, buttons, connectivity using bluetooth / Wifi and other input methods

Some application areas include:

  • Industrial Control
  • Hospitality
  • Banking and finance
  • Advertisements
  • Malls
  • Events
  • Government Agencies

A modern IOT enabled price board for Fuel Retail outlets.

  • Effect price change through Android or iOS mobile app
  • Connectivity to board using Bluetooth BLE
  • Different LED colors and digit sizes upon request

We also provide the option of incorporating GSM modems into the board to allow for centralized remote price changes